When executives face intense challenges and seemingly impossible deadlines they come to Rivia.

Rivia’s specialty is speeding through innovation and brand consulting projects in under eight weeks, delivering outstanding results in a fraction of the time it takes other firms. This means our clients get to market faster with successful new products, services, and brands.

Despite moving quickly, our savvy global clients consistently provide us with "exceeds expectations" and "outstanding" quality ratings on post-engagement surveys.

How does Rivia do it?

First, we’re pragmatic.

We prioritize simplicity and speed. We know that as the complexity of a solution increases, the difficulty of implementation skyrockets. Because we are pragmatic, our primary goal is to maximize risk-adjusted returns for the effort invested.

Second, the Rivia consulting model is different.

We only staff our projects with highly experienced consultants. Our seasoned team has decades of experience working in many roles, disciplines, and a wide range of industries.

And we provide customized expertise and support regardless of budget size―from a subject matter expert for a day to complete cross-functional innovation teams for months or years.

Third, our approaches are distinctive.

We’ve created new approaches that are faster at identifying ways to increase revenue and profits. Examples of two we use:

  • Rivia's Financial Momentum Model quickly determines the right types of innovation and messaging needed now for meeting business objectives and maximizing returns based on the brand’s current and future life-cycle stages.
  • The Rivia segmentation model is centered on how likely and quickly consumers, customers, or clients will change their purchase behaviors. The resulting revenue timeline clarifies whom to initially target and what will trigger them to act.

Rivia’s core services are:

  • Identify immediate market opportunities and create strategies.
  • Pinpoint, develop, and launch near-term products and services and revitalize brands.
  • Intervene to improve crucial innovation behaviors and processes.

Rivia’s fresh thinking is being recognized.

Our articles have been published in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and Forbes.

Fast. Smart. Precise. That’s Rivia.