Break The Rules

An iconic beverage company with a national chain of out-of-home specialty retail stores wanted to expand their distribution into grocery to take advantage of at-home occasions. The challenge was to preserve the premium equities of the brand—so carefully cultivated in their retail stores—while meeting the rigorous demands of supermarket new product launches.

With the guidance of a current Rivia partner, it was quickly decided that this new product launch needed to break the conventional rules for launching new products. A multidisciplinary team looked at shelving, packaging, pricing, and introductory deal rates. Premium packaging and shelving units were developed specifically for the grocery market to justify higher price points. Consumer excitement and buzz were generated to sell in the new line with greatly reduced introductory spending.

The national launch was a huge business success. It led to profitable category expansion for the grocer and expanded usage for the specialty brand under a strong, consistent brand umbrella.