Lessons From Desigual

Much has been written about the phenomenal growth and success of Spanish fashion brand Desigual. Optimistic and quirky designs, the free spirit of the brand, and high quality garments coupled with affordable prices all contributed to this success. However, that’s not the company’s whole story. If you are in a similar situation and want to quickly build market share for a great product at a great price, you can learn some important lessons from Desigual:

  • Growth cannot obscure focus. Desigual is very clear on its goal of getting at least one Desigual garment into every wardrobe.
  • Growth cannot compromise brand values. Despite speedy growth, Desigual has stayed true to its core values of tolerance, commitment, positivism, continuous improvement, innovation, and fun. The company has sustained its commitment to producing all garments at carefully selected factories meeting specific ethical standards. This consistency of purpose maintains authenticity and the original appeal of the brand.
  • Growth needs the right people. Desigual invested in international, highly skilled and creative production teams that have been pivotal to success.
  • Growth is driven by customer insight. Desigual not only caters to customer desire to augment outfits with bags and shoes of the same design, but also provides for the diversity of customer shopping behavior by offering the full spectrum of sales channels, including brand stores, multi-brand stores, corner stores, online shopping, and travel retail.

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