Model Partners

A global technology conglomerate had been leveraging a broad number of business partners to set the pace in its rapidly-changing target industries. While utilizing external partners was critical to success, the practice posed a number of challenges to managing the brand. Partners ranged from global icons with equal weight all the way to small, regional distributors in emerging markets. The company decided to develop and implement a partnership branding model that would maximize benefits in all business situations while protecting the integrity of the master brand.

After thorough analysis of possible partnership scenarios, a current Rivia partner developed a decision tool that enabled executives within business groups and/or regions to determine the optimal brand solution under any circumstance. The tool included three modules: 1) a navigation tool to classify the nature of the desired partnership, 2) a categorization tool to evaluate relative brand strength and compatibility of the partner, and 3) branding guidelines that define how both the master brand and partner brands should be applied in the situation at hand.