Record Sales

A company in the audio industry had identified a new but largely untapped consumer segment that wanted the rugged characteristics of a professional audio system but without the complexity. While a leading audio company had the right brand and a strong reputation with both professionals and consumers, it lacked a product line that met the needs of this newly identified segment. Meanwhile, competitors were beginning to launch products to capture these consumers but with plastic versions of the entrenched wood box model.

A current Rivia partner worked closely with the audio company to determine what it could do to gain an advantage. The partner helped the company deploy full–featured electronics in enclosures that enabled portability while still providing professional-grade sound reinforcement. The new products stood apart by incorporating a much easier way to match the power characteristics within a range of components while eliminating the potential for damage. Better yet, the new line was less expensive to produce compared to other professional products being manufactured for the same market. The new system dominated the prosumer market for more than a decade and established the benchmark for products in the category.