Walk In My Shoes

A global brand leader in the dairy category wanted to take advantage of cross-country synergies in new product development, packaging, and communications, especially social media. However, because the brand had grown up indigenously in each country, there was a strongly held belief that there were few authentic links and to “force fit” synergies would denigrate the brand equities with national consumers.

A current Rivia partner led an effort to tease out reality from myth. Key was talking to consumers in every country to understand deeper emotional drivers for the brand, not just how the brand was used. Once these deeper emotions were understood, country managers were brought together and asked to “walk in the shoes” of a consumer from another country. For the first time, managers saw cross-country bonds across consumers, regardless of country.

The country managers went on to develop and approve a global brand equity that provided the underpinnings for common communications, packaging design, and new product platforms.